WARNING: This Service is Offered Exclusively to Loan Officers Prepared For Immediate Growth...
I'm Looking For Top Producing Loan Officers Who Want To...
If This sounds like You...
I Want to PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One In Your Journey To Help You Increase Your Number of Funded Loans and Amplify Your Results In Just The Next 30 Days!
"To maintain Integrity & exclusivity, We Only work with 1-2 LOs or Companies Per City - This allows us to generate unlimited leads exclusively for your branch on a daily basis and Dominate Together."
Why The Program Is Pretty Much...
We commit to you that, along with your hard work, sales and networking skills, we will put our forward thinking minds together in marketing, leadership, technology and branding to grow your business and significantly increase your income.
What You Can Expect Inside:
  •  Step 1: Short Interview To Ensure You're a Fit
  • Step 2: Create a Custom Marketing Campaign
  • Step 3: Generate Exclusive DAILY Leads
  •  Step 4: Tweak and Scale Every Month For Growth
*Limited Spots Remaining*

Russ Ward - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I found Sean when I was looking for a way to take my business to the next level. ...the knowledge he dropped on me an 6x my investment within TWO DAYS
Take A Sneak Peek Inside...
The Program
We will take over your short term and long term digital marketing efforts to generate a steady stream of qualified inbound leads for one low and hands off price per Loan Officer
  • We'll act as your marketing assistant
  •  We'll take over your social media marketing so you can focus on selling
  •  We'll develop websites (a LOT of them) and use digital marketing to deliver TARGETED Exclusive Leads in your neighborhood and city
  •  We'll help you build your Realtor Referral Network
  •  We'll build Ad Campaigns using the latest technology to deliver Exclusive and Quality Leads every day for each Loan Officer
  •  We'll brand you as a person and/or company so that you're a recognized face where you do business
  •  Advertising First Time Homebuyer and VA Homebuyer Events
  •  We'll manage and plan your marketing to add extra umph in the slow months, and dial things down when people are overwhelmed
We're extremely efficient.  As the lead flow increases, we will manage your Ad campaign dollars to lower your cost of acquiring a funded loan.
We choose one LO or one company per region so that we don't compete with ourselves and can focus 100% on you.
We strive to provide service like you've never experienced with 24/7 text and messenger support.
Together, we will drive business, dominate your market, and change your life.
No hidden fees, upsells, or additional monthly ad spend. One monthly Fee. Straight up. That's how we do business.
This program is not for everyone, and we want to partner with the industry's best.  We're looking for loan officers that are:
  • Full time and dedicated to the mortgage business
  •  Hungry, self-driven, motivated go getters that dream big
  •  Embrace technology and looking forward to implementing digital marketing in their business
  •  Not afraid to respond quickly and embrace daily client conversations
  •  Already do a minimum 3-4 funded loans per month
  •  Have very strong sales and networking skills, coupled with confidence.
The first step in this program is to audit each Loan Officers current referral sources, and to add new inbound lead sources to achieve an AVERAGE of 20 funded/closed loans per month.  Here are the numbers:
20 loans  x
20 loans  x
(national avg loan amount)
(national avg loan amount)
= $4,445,220/monthly production
= $4,445,220/monthly production
$53,342,640 a year in annual production
$53,342,640  x
$53,342,640  x
175 bps
175 bps
(national comp average)
(national comp average)
= $933,496.20
= $933,496.20
compensation per year.
compensation per year.
While everyone sells at a different pace, we keep marketing, branding and supporting even when we get there.
Ready To 10x Your Monthly Revenue?
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